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*Aerial Boom Lift
Air Tools
Air Tools Awareness
*Anthrax Remediation
Asbestos Abatement Worker Refresher
*Asbestos Abatement Supervisor
*Asbestos Abatement Worker
Basic Emergency Response Awareness
Asbestos Awareness
Asphalt R&R
Brazing & Soldering
Brick Tending Duties
Brick Tending Forklift
Brick Tending Scaffold
CA Class A Prep
Class A License
Class B License
Commissioning Agent
Competent Person Awareness
Concrete Placement
Concrete R&R
First Aid / CPR
*Forklift Safety
*General Construction
Geothermal Energy
Green Construction Awareness
*Hoisting & Rigging Advanced Math
*Hoisting & Rigging Refresher
*Hazardous Waste Worker
Heat Stress
*Hazardous Waste Worker Refresher
*Hazard Communication
*Hoisting & Rigging
Indoor Air Pollution
Intro to MSE Walls
Intro to OSHA
Intro to Photovoltaic
Landscape 1: Planting & Maintenance
Landscape 2: Construction Math, Irrigation & Low Voltage Lighting Systems
Landscape 3: Erosion Control, Grading & Draining
Landscape 4: Chain Saws, Retention Walls, Pavers & Dividers
Laser/Transit/Building Level Basics
LCM Concrete Placement & Finishing Tech 1
LCM Concrete Placement & Finishing Tech 2
LCM Concrete Repair
LCM Construction Math
LCM Decorative Concrete
Lead Awareness
Mandatory Orientation
*Process Piping 1
Process Piping 2
Process Piping 3
Process Piping 4
Process Piping 5
Mini Excavator
Nuclear Power Plant Worker
Operator Qualifications
*OSHA 10
*OSHA 30
Paver Installation
*Permit Required Confined Space Entry
Pipe Laying
Pipeline Procedures: Polyethylene Pipe Fusion
*Process Safety Management
PV Racking Systems
PV Service & Maintenance
Qualified Rigger & Signal Person
Quality Electrical Worker
*Signal Person Refresher
Silica Awareness
*Skid Steer 1
Skid Steer 2
Skip Loader
SUP: Blueprint Reading for Supervisors
SUP: OSHA 30 Supervisor
*SUP: Communication for Supervisors
*SUP: Intro to Construction for Supervision
*SUP: Problem Solving for Supervisors
*SUP: Project Planning & Management
*SUP: Safety & Health for Supervisors
SWPPP Awareness
Thermal Solar Awareness
Traffic Control 2
Traffic Control Safety & Flagging
Trench & Excavation Safety
Trench Plate Protection
Trench Safety
*Underground Storage Tank Program
Utility Trailer
Confined Space Awareness
Construction English 101
*Drilling Operations
Environmental Hazards of Highway Work
Facility Systems & Maintenance Worker:
Fall Protection
Fence Installation & Repair
LCM Epoxy & Epoxy Injection
LCM Form Setting Techniques
LCM Machine Operations & Concrete Sawing
Lead Abatement Supervisor (California)
Lead Abatement Worker (California)
Respiratory Awareness
Scaffold Builder
Scaffold User
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees
*Signal Person
*Weatherization Supervisor
*Weatherization Tech & Installer
Welding 1: Oxyfuel Cutting
Welding 2: Intro to Arc Welding
Welding 3: SMAW
Welding 4: GTAW
Welding 5: TIG
Work Area Prep & Remediation Techniques
MSE Wall
Plasma Arc & Oxy Acetylene Cutting
Plasma Arc & Oxy Gasoline Cutting
- (FSMW) Shop Power Tools Certfications
- (FSMW) Basic Weatherization
- (FSMW) Array Maintenance
Treated Wood Waste Awareness
Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Refresher
*Disaster Site Worker
Saw Cutting
*Rough Terrain Forklift
*Basic Construction Math
* Indicates Accredited Courses
Back End Pipeline Work
*Front End Pipeline Work
*Pipeline Specialty Construction
*Pipeline Coating Crew
*Pipeline Handling in the Trench
*SUP: Intro to Project Estimating
Basic Blue Print Reading
Process Piping Blue Print Reading
*Reducing Silica Exposure
*SUP: Sexual Harassment Prevention
*Weatherization Energy Auditor
*Residential Construction Landscape
Process Waste Management
*ICRA Refresher
Landscape Laborer
Water Truck Operation and Safety
Lead Abatement Worker Refresher (California)
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