Document Name:
File Description
Apprenticeship Progression Chart.pdf
Apprenticeship Regional Report.pdf
Apprenticeship Regional Stats.pdf
Apprentice Course Completion.pdf
(Example of Student Course Completion Form)
(Apprentice progression chart, Graduate, Termination,etc.)
(Example of how apprentices are tracked)
(Statistics for each region on Graduates, Probation, Terminated)
(Example of Subcommittee Meeting Agenda)
(Mandatory Orientation, Bootcamp Overview)
(Flyer on how students can submit Work Process forms)
(Example of how the DAS140 & DAS142 should be filled out)
(The Laborers Training School Management and Staff Structure)
Apprenticeship Subcommittee Agenda.pdf
Candidate Physical Agility Test (English).pdf
Candidate Physical Agility Test (Spanish).pdf
(Mandatory Orientation, Bootcamp Overview Translated in Spanish)
Work Processes Flyer.pdf
DAS140 & DAS142 Sample.pdf
Organizational Chart.pdf
(Form used to sponsor an apprentice into a program)
Request To Indenture Form.pdf
(Contractors can request for a training course by filling out this form)
Training Request Form.pdf
(Used to request a tour of our campus)
Tour Request Form.pdf
(Overview / topics covered in this required course)
Voice Orientation .pdf
(Students of a class can give their input on how the class was taught)
Student Evaluation (English).pdf
Student Evaluation (Spanish).pdf
(Students of a class can give their input on how the class was taught in Spanish)
(Division Of Apprenticeship Standards: Self Assessments)
Self Assessment (Construction Craft Laborers).pdf
About Us
(Division Of Apprenticeship Standards: Self Assessments)
Self Assessment (Laborers Landscape & Irrigation Fitter).pdf
(Division Of Apprenticeship Standards: Self Assessments)
Self Assessment (Laborers Cement Mason).pdf
(Injury & Illness Prevention Program)
Safety Handbook.pdf
(Training sites and statistics on participants trained at each site)
Training Venue.pdf
Facility Use Request.pdf
(Request to use Training School Facility)
Skilled and Trained Workforce.pdf
(California Legislature skilled and trained workforce)
Federal CCL Standard .pdf
(Federal Construction Craft Laborer Standards)
(Curriculum and Projects update)
Score Card - LTS Curriculum / Projects.pdf
(Director's Events )
Calendars - Events.pdf
Code of Safety.pdf
(Safety, Rules and Requirements)
Application for Apprenticeship Sample .pdf
(Sample of our Application for Apprenticeship)
(Contractors can request for training by filling out this form)
Operator Qualification Evaluation Request.pdf
Federal COVID-19 Law Employee Rights.pdf
(Federal COVID-19 Law for Employee Rights)
(Release and Waiver of Liability COVID19)
Release and Waiver of Liability re COVID19.pdf